PAV PES PEI course

for electrical workers




PAV PES PEI course for the training of electrical workers, in accordance with CEI EN 50110-1 and CEI 11-27.

The course addresses the issue of safety of those who work with electrical systems, through the preparation of personnel who carry out off-voltage, near and live work, in accordance with the provisions of the CEI EN 50110-1 and CEI 11-27 standards:

  • Suitable Person (PEI) – Person who has recognized the technical and practical ability to carry out one or more LV live jobs specified by the employer
  • Expert Person (PES) – A person with relevant education, knowledge and experience that enables him or her to analyze the risks and avoid the dangers that electricity can create
  • Warned Person (PAV) – A person adequately warned by expert people to enable him to avoid the dangers that electricity can create

The personnel who work under voltage in LV, in addition to being qualified PES or PAV, must obtain suitability for work under voltage on Category 0 and I (PEI) systems. This suitability must be certified and issued by the employer. To certify and issue suitability, the employer must ensure that the operator has the theoretical knowledge (training) and practical experience in the context of the planned activity.

The PAV PES PEI course lasts 14 hours and expires every five years. To update the training it is necessary to attend the 4-hour PAV PES PEI Refresher.

Theoretical tests will be carried out to evaluate the knowledge acquired during the course; a participation/training/qualification certificate will be issued to those who successfully pass them.

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    Level 1A CEI 11-27 – Theoretical knowledge
    • Knowledge of the main legislative provisions regarding electrical safety with particular regard to the inspiring principles of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments. as a key to interpreting safety culture.
    • Knowledge of the requirements:
      of the CEI EN 50110-1 Standard and of the CEI 11-27 Standard for behavioral aspects;
      basic standards of CEI EN 61936-1 (CEI 99-2) and CEI EN 50522 (CEI 99-3) for HV and MV systems, and CEI 64-8 for the construction aspects of the LV user system.
    • Notions about the effects of electricity (including the electric arc) on the human body and notes on first aid.
      Equipment and PPE: use, verification and conservation.
    • General and/or company work procedures; the responsibilities and tasks of the URI, RI, URL and PL; work preparation; the documentation; safety operating sequences; communications; the construction site.
    Level 2A CEI 11-27 – Basic theoretical knowledge for live work
    • CEI 50110-1, CEI EN 50110-2 and CEI 11-27 standards (with regard to live work).
    • General safety criteria with regard to the characteristics of the electrical components that can be worked on during live work.
    • Equipment and PPE: particularities for live electrical work.
    • Prevention of electrical risks.
    • Coverage of specific roles even with coincidence of roles (URI, RI, URL, PL).

    Legislative references: articles. 37 and 82 Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments. and CEI EN 50110-1 and CEI 11:27 standards

    Recipients: installers and maintenance workers who carry out work without voltage and near and under voltage

    Duration: 14 hours

    Type of training: classroom course – the PAV PES PEI online course is also available

    Locations: at our headquarters in Lecce or at home

    Training certificate: certificate valid throughout Italy, for the purposes of the legislation in question

    Requirements: understanding of the Italian language

    Material released: training handout

    Update: every 5 years, 4-hour PAV PES PEI update