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The FormaSIC s.r.l. project was born from the commitment and passion shown for this sector.

From a five-year experience in the field of workplace safety, the FormaSIC project by Miglietta Maurizio was born and evolved, with the commitment to provide complete and ad hoc solutions that meet the needs of companies and individuals in terms of health and safety at work. work, training and environment through our courses and personalized consultancy.

The company employs a team of professionals capable of satisfying the entire need for security and prevention services for public and private companies and has operated for companies and entities of every sector and size throughout the national territory.
The experience and expertise of the founder, Maurizio Miglietta, developed for companies and organizations of every sector and size throughout the national territory, guarantee maximum reliability and the possibility of developing services in line with the specific needs of the client.

Because we deal with safety.

Every year in Italy 1,000,000 workplace accidents occur and as many as 4 people die every day due to these accidents. As many as a third of accidents occur, not because companies apply poor prevention and protection measures, but due to workers’ lack of knowledge of the risks. Training and information are essential. By “information” we mean all the information relating to the possible risks present in the company, by “training” we mean the set of rules and procedures that the worker must know to work safely. Almost all companies are aware of the obligations relating to the training of RSPP, RLS, first aid and fire fighting personnel but only a few know or respect the obligation (imposed by articles 36-37 Legislative Decree 81/08) to train everyone workers on the occasion of: the assumption of the transfer or change of tasks, the introduction of new work equipment or new technologies, of new dangerous substances and preparations. It is known that workers are particularly exposed to risks in the first three months of work or after three years they feel so expert in their tasks that they even give up protective equipment. However, safety is a right/duty for the worker. It is easy to imagine why it is a right but sometimes workers do not know that it is their duty to correctly use machinery, equipment as well as protection and safety devices. A worker who does not use safety devices risks his own health (or life) and can even be fired for just cause (since he compromises his own safety and that of other workers). For this reason it is important that each company: – carries out a risk assessment – implements suitable prevention and protection measures – creates a training plan for all employees (diversified based on the risks to which they are exposed) – prepares prevention interventions check to verify that everyone respects the safety regulations. it is probably impossible to ensure that no more accidents occur at work but information, training and compliance with regulations can certainly lead to a reduction in accidents and a reduction in their severity.



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