General Training for Workers

General Workers Training course




The General Workers Training course allows the Employer to fulfill the obligations set out in paragraph 1 of the art. 37 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, regarding the training of its workers.

The obligation concerns:

  • Newly hired workers: legal training within 60 days of hiring;
  • Workers already employed who have not previously been provided with any “general” training or have only been trained partially

The General Worker Training has a duration of 4 hours and must be dedicated to the presentation of general concepts regarding prevention and safety at work. Through General Training it is possible to teach workers the knowledge and procedures useful for achieving behavior that allows them to work while reducing risks and at the same time protecting their own safety and health.

The General Training is the first step of the mandatory training course for workers, in addition to which the Specific Training must be carried out, in relation to the risks relating to the characteristic tasks of the sector or sector to which the company belongs (low, medium, high risk ).

The General Workers Training does not require updating, as it is a permanent training credit.

Theoretical tests will be carried out to evaluate the knowledge acquired during the course; a certificate of participation/training will be issued to those who successfully pass them.

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    • Introduction to safety;
    • Risk concept;
    • Harm;
    • Prevention;
    • Protection;
    • Rights, duties and sanctions for the various corporate entities;
    • Organization of company prevention;
    • Supervisory, control and assistance bodies.

    Legislative references: art. 37 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments. and Agreement of the State-Regions Conference for Training of 21 December 2011

    Recipients: workers

    Duration: 4 hours

    Type of training: classroom course – the online general worker training course is also available

    Locations: at our headquarters in Lecce or at home

    Training certificate: certificate valid throughout Italy, for the purposes of the legislation in question

    Requirements: understanding of the Italian language

    Material released: training

    Update: not required, continuing education credit