RLS Update

Workers' safety representative update



The RLS Update (Workers’ Representative for Safety) is carried out in compliance with the provisions of the art. 37, paragraph 11 of Legislative Decree 81/08.

The RLS refresher course allows you to update your skills and knowledge in the field of workplace safety, taking into account the peculiarities of the functions dictated by the role assigned. The RLS update aims to promote the culture of Safety within companies, as well as providing knowledge of the role of the Workers’ Representative for Safety and its management aspect within modern organisations.

The update of the Workers’ Representative for Safety has an annual deadline and lasts 4 hours for companies with up to 50 workers, while it lasts 8 hours for companies with over 50 workers.

Theoretical tests will be carried out to evaluate the knowledge acquired during the course; a certificate of participation/training will be issued to those who successfully pass them.

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  • Level 3 course

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    • the new Consolidated Law on worker safety Legislative Decree. 81/08;
    • general and special legislation on health and safety at work;
    • main subjects involved, related obligations and responsibilities;
    • definition and identification of risk factors;
    • risk assessment;
    • identification of technical, organizational and procedural prevention and protection measures;
    • regulatory aspects of worker representation activity

    Legislative references: art 37 paragraph 1 Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments.

    Recipients: worker elected or designated to the role of Workers’ Safety Representative

    Duration: 4 hours (companies with up to 50 workers) – 8 hours (companies with over 50 workers)

    Type of training:  classroom / online

    Locations: at our headquarters in Lecce

    Training certificate: certificate valid throughout Italy, for the purposes of the legislation in question

    Requirements: understanding of the Italian language

    Update: every year