First Aid Course

for companies in categories A, B and C



First Aid course for the training of first aid team workers.

Workers who have been entrusted with the activity of first aid must receive adequate and specific training, with theoretical and practical instruction for the implementation of internal first aid measures and for the activation of first aid interventions, as well as than a periodic update.

Legislative Decree 81/08 provides for a dedicated first aid course for staff who are part of the Company First Aid Team. The educational path, created according to the provisions of the Ministerial Decree. 388 of 07/15/03 on company first aid, provides for a differentiated training course, depending on the category the company belongs to:

  • First Aid Course for Category B and C Companies: 12 hours
  • First Aid Course for Category A Companies: 16 hours

It is necessary to carry out the first aid update every 3 years, in relation to the new procedures adopted regarding company first aid.

Theoretical and practical tests will be carried out to evaluate the knowledge acquired during the course; a certificate of participation/training will be issued to those who successfully pass them.

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    Form A

    Alert the emergency system:
    • Causes and circumstances of the accident (place of the accident, number of people involved, condition of the injured, etc.);
    • Communicate the aforementioned information clearly and precisely to the emergency healthcare services.

    Recognizing a health emergency:
    • Choice of injury: a) collection of information; b) prediction of obvious and probable dangers;
    • Assessment of the psychophysical conditions of the injured worker: a) vital functions (pulse, blood pressure, breathing) b) state of consciousness; c) hypothermia and hyperthermia;
    • Elementary notions of anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory system;
    • Self-protection techniques for rescue personnel.

    Carry out first aid interventions:
    • support of vital functions: a) positioning of the injured person and maneuvers to ensure patency of the upper airway; b) artificial respiration; c) external cardiac massage;
    • Recognition and limits of first aid intervention: a) hypothymia, syncope, shock; b) acute pulmonary edema; c) asthmatic crisis; d) acute stenocardial pain; e) allergic reactions; f) convulsive seizures; g) post-traumatic external hemorrhages and hemorrhagic tamponade.

    Know the specific risks of the activity carried out

    Form B

    Acquire general knowledge about trauma in the workplace:

    • Notes on skeletal anatomy;
    • Dislocations, fractures and complications;
    • Traumas and lesions of the skull, brain and spine;
    • Traumas and thoraco-abdominal injuries.

    Acquire general knowledge on specific pathologies in the work environment:

    • Cold and heat injuries;
    • Electric current injuries;
    • Injuries from chemical agents;
    • Intoxications;
    • Contused lacerated wounds;
    • External hemorrhages.

    Form C

    Acquire practical intervention skills:

    • Communication techniques with the NHS emergency system;
    • First aid techniques in acute cerebral syndromes;
    • First aid techniques in acute respiratory failure syndrome;
    • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques;
    • Hemorrhagic tamponade techniques;
    • Lifting, moving and transporting techniques for the traumatized patient;
    • First aid techniques in cases of accidental exposure to chemical and biological agents.

    Legislative references: art. 37 paragraph 9 Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments. and art. 3 of Ministerial Decree no. 388/2003

    Recipients: Workers, Supervisors, Managers, Employers who perform the function of First Aid Workers

    Duration: groups B and C – 12 hours / group A – 16 hours

    Type of training: classroom course

    Locations: at our headquarters in Lecce or at home

    Training certificate: certificate valid throughout Italy, for the purposes of the legislation in question

    Requirements: understanding of the Italian language

    Material released: training handout

    Update: every 3 years, first aid update