3rd Category PPE Course

Third Category Fall Arrest PPE and Use of Lifelines

3rd Category PPE course for the prevention of falls when working at heights.

The training is aimed at workers who have to carry out technically complex work at heights, subject to the risk of falling from a height, and who must use a series of work positioning, restraint and fall arrest PPE to protect against falls from a height. Article 77 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 imposes the obligation of training and practical training on the correct use of category 3 PPE, including fall arrest devices, for all workers who must use them.

The 3rd Category PPE course is carried out together with the Work at Heights course, and includes both a theoretical part and a practical part. The course has a total duration of 8 hours and expires every five years. To update training it is necessary to attend the 3rd Category PPE and Work at Height Update, which lasts 4 hours.

Theoretical and practical tests will be carried out to evaluate the knowledge acquired during the course; a participation/training/qualification certificate will be issued to those who successfully pass them.


00 April 2023




Level 1: from 14 to 18

Level 2: from 14 to 18

Level 3: from 14 to 18


00 Aprile 2023




Livello 1: dalle 14 alle 18

Livello 2: dalle 14 alle 18

Livello 3: dalle 14 alle 18


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    Theoretical module:
    • Personal protection and PPE;
    • Adequacy in the choice of PPE;
    • Obligations of workers in the use of PPE;
    • The type of third category PPE;
    • Reference legislation;
    • Characteristics of PPE for the protection of falls from heights;
    • The manufacturer’s information note;
    • Duration, maintenance and conservation of the PPE covered by the training;
    • Verification and control procedure of the PPE covered by the training;
    • Use and limitations of use of the PPE covered by the training;
    • Clearance in fall arrest systems and fall factor
    Practical module:
    • Illustration of the PPE covered by the training
    • Correct equipment of the PPE covered by the training
    • Correct connection of the PPE covered by the training
    • Positioning resting on a vertical structure
    • Vertical and horizontal accesses with double fall arrest cord
    • Vertical accesses with fall arrest guided on flexible and rigid anchor lines
    • Operator rescue at height

    Legislative references: art. 37 paragraph 7 and 73 Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments.

    workers, self-employed workers, employers

    Duration: 8 hours

    Type of training: classroom course – the PPE 3rd Category and Work at Height Online course is also available, usable for the theoretical module (requires subsequent classroom theoretical module)

    Locations: at our headquarters in Lecce or at home

    Training certificate: certificate valid throughout Italy, for the purposes of the legislation in question

    Requirements: understanding of the Italian language

    Material released: training handout

    Update: every 5 years, 3rd Category PPE and Work at Height Update, 4 hours