Pav Pes Pei Course, Workers on Electric-Hybrid Vehicles

suitable for work on electric - hybrid vehicles



The course aims to provide participants with the technical knowledge to carry out work on hybrid and electric vehicles.

The course concerns personnel who carry out work near, under and off voltage.
PAV – Warned Person: Person adequately warned by expert people to enable him to avoid the dangers that electricity can create.
PES – Expert Person: Person with relevant education, knowledge and experience that enables him to analyze the risks and avoid the dangers that electricity can create.
PEI – Eligible Person: Person who has been recognized as having the technical ability to carry out specific live work.

It has a total duration of 14 hours with a final multiple choice test with only one correct answer, in e-learning mode.

The course presents 10 work modules and 14 sections with multimedia content.

The course will be available for 3 months from the activation date.

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    • Definition
    • Electricity
    • Electric current
    • Fundamental units of measurement of electrical circuits
    • Ohm’s law
    • Electric current and the human body
    • Main deleterious effects of electric current
    • Electrical risk assessment for “electrical workers”
    • Work near live parts
    • Work under tension
    • Electrical work
    • Non-electrical work in the presence of electrical risk
    • Qualification of personnel
    • Work organisation
    • Use of PPE

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    Duration: 14 ore

    Type of training: e-learning

    Training certificate: certificate valid throughout Italy, for the purpose of the legislation in question

    Requirements: understanding of the italian language

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