06. Agricultural Tractors Update

Agricultural Tractors Update License renewal for Agricultural Tractor Operators AT HOME IN THE CLASSROOM Update of agricultural or forestry tractors, for the periodic renewal of the license of operators who use such equipment. Legislative Decree 81/08 attributes fundamental importance to training in the management of health and safety in the workplace. The use of work […]

06. Aerial Platforms Update

Aerial Platforms Update for Elevating Work Platform Operator (PLE) AT HOME IN THE CLASSROOM Aerial Platforms Refresher Course, for updating the training of Elevating Work Platform Operators (PLE), with or without stabilizers. Legislative Decree 81/08 provides a refresher course for users of elevating work platforms (with or without stabilizers). The Agreement of the State-Regions Conference […]

06. Forklift Updating

Forklift Updating Forklift and self-propelled equipment license renewal course AT HOME IN THE CLASSROOM E-LEARNING The forklift update provides useful information for the safe use of forklifts and self-propelled equipment. The obligation to train the operators in charge of using the forklift is provided for by the art. 73 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and in the State-Regions […]